Based in Norwich, UK and currently studying towards a part-time, distance learning Creative Arts degree with the Open College of the Arts.  This is the first formal art qualification I have worked towards since GCSE, over thirty years ago.  

Throughout the years I have continuously been making and creating. Largely self-taught but also attending a wide range of short courses and classes along the way.

I used my interest in art during my career teaching a range of students with special educational needs. A highlight being the curation of an exhibition showcasing student work in 2013. From 2017 to 2019 I worked as Arts Coordinator in a school for pupils with complex needs.  

I believe that making art is a form of problem solving and the more skills you have in your toolbox the more potential solutions you have to solve those problems.  I fully intend to keep broadening my visual arts skillset.  

My current work mainly combines textiles, sculpture and text.  I aim to work sustainably by limiting myself predominantly to the use of materials I already have, can source second hand or which would otherwise be discarded.

Working from home I constrain myself to methods which can be carried out from my dining table or my sofa.

My work has been described as riotous, playful and curious.  I aim to produce work that I enjoy and hope others can find some enjoyment in it too.