Scribbled Sounds - A Day in the Life 12"


Circular 12" vinyl record print on card. The hand-written text of the record's grooves list the titles of over one-hundred-and-fifty songs, including Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, Red Morning Light, Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me, Sun in the Morning, Let the Sunshine In, One More Cup of Coffee, Red Red Wine, Champagne Supernova, 9 - 5, Homeward Bound, Waterloo Sunset, Perfect Day, Stairway to Heaven, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) and many, many more! The song titles represent a day, starting in the morning and progressing through an imaginary day into the night and back to bed.  

This was the first Scribbled Sounds 'record' that I made and the title was chosen because my grandfather played in the orchestra on The Beatles song of the same name.

A perfect and unique gift for any vinyl lover!

Comes presented in a black frame or in a bright orange Scribbled Sounds record sleeve.  The print is 12" in diameter to match the size of real vinyl record.  Frames are readily available in this size if you prefer to frame it yourself. 

N.B These feature my previous surname - R.Wickens

I have also made a number of one off commissions in the past to reflect favourite songs, bands or even information about the recipients life.  If this sounds like something you would be interested in please get in touch for pricing and further information.