Collaborative sculptural texts created as part of my Four Elements project.  Each of the contributed texts has been embroidered onto sheer packaging fabric.  Made to be light and to hang from the trees allowing the air to move them and become part of the artwork.

Blair Maule


Through the eye of a storm, an imposing figure stands tall. Rooted to the world as a monument to a distant past, and cast out to live its life in dissonance.

As it’s metal frame corrodes, and its walls serve no purpose.

The age of empires crumble and the cracks of wisdom, hang like echoes and balance in the wind.


Martin Young


It yet burned
The memory of storm, and lightning; of crashing thunder. Still raw yet bound in cedar and defiant living root. Spring will swallow these wounds in new grown bark.




Respects the spaces in between.

The lost lightness from our being.

Feeling the breeze,

Fresh on our skin.

Time for renewal?

Where do we begin?

All the elements welcomed to the dance.

The duality of our human existence isn’t yet lost, but we can’t leave our futures to chance.

Air, keep us light & nimble.

Air, let us play, connect & create.

Air, share your openness to change with us.

Air, give us your flight & your might so we can remain