Collaborative sculptural texts created as part of my Four Elements project.  Made using clay so as to be quite literally made from earth, each text is stamped into a clay disc, continuing the circularity of life theme running across the work.  

Andrew Mortimer



Earth generates metal, generates water, generates wood, generates fire which, in turn, generates Earth.


Written by Rachael Barns after discussion and debate with Andrew Mortimer around different ideas regarding the elements between Eastern and European classical thinking.

Nicola Hopkins



Born as the Earth dies

Ecosystems breaking down

Nature will rebuild


Rachael Barns


Mother Earth
Nourishes our bodies in life
Reclaims in death


Rachael Barns


Offerings to the earth for gratitude, respect and honour

Tobacco, chocolate, corn, coca leaves, milk, butter, honey, salt, shields, swords, lotus flowers, bread, oil, beer, wine, blood, fire, incense, water, dance, song, sage, cedar, sweetgrass





Earth you are our home.
Our home.
Our home.

Earth, bear with us;
We are experiencing some technical difficulties…

Stubbornness, Shame, Guilt, Disconnection, Disempowerment, Disillusioned, Poverty, Distractions, Denial…

Earth, bear with us;
We are still experiencing technical difficulties…

Earth you are our home.
Our home.
Our home…