Collaborative sculptural texts created as part of my Four Elements project. Each of the contributed texts has been printed on to old textiles using cyanotype and therefore our biggest fire, AKA the sun! The cloth was then tea toned, burned and formed to become part of a fire pit. In addition, the texts have also been printed and the paper waxed to form 'firelighters'.


Claire Shields

in the ashes
we yearn
for the touch of renewal
fire speaks
of change
within us
a silent plea
to ignite
and emerge
from darkness
a journey
of healing 
and hope

in the quiet glow
we find
our strength
to begin again
with each ember
a promise
to ourselves
to embrace
the warmth
of starting anew 

Nicola Hopkins



Flames lick willow sticks

Blackening and hardening

Mark-making tools appear




Destruction or something arising from within?
Are there new ways of us all being on the horizon?

Fire, it leads us…

Bringing fierce transformation, surrendering & rebirth. This element, it heals us.

Brightly transforms, protects & warms.

If there is hope?
It starts with just the smallest spark:
In our words, in our actions, in our hearts.

Fire, it can lead us.


Tricia Burton


Have you ever heard the fire faeries swear?
Scorching those insults while singeing your hair?
!tihs gnimalF
!kcuf gnihcrocS
!dratsab gniraeS
!onrefni nmaddoG
Backwards they shout!
Waving fiery-fists with fire-impish clout!
Inflammatory faerie incendiary cries!
You ask, what did I do to meet such despise?
Set a spark you did! They all agree.
The trees all burned! Careless, you see!
Inferno, scorching, searing pain,
That’s what you’ll get, if you do it again!
Humans with campfires! Marshmallows of shame!
The fire faeries yell, you’re all the same!
But I didn’t you argue to no avail,
And so this ends a cautionary tale,
Never ssip-off the fire-faerie pucks!
They’ll flambé your excuses and curse you with ....!

By Iamma Carelessone (And the fire faeries!)