Collaborative sculptural texts created as part of my Four Elements project. Each text has been embossed into waste plastic from milk bottles and placed into a bottle of water - messages in bottles.

Jessica Voke



Softly, softly the snow falls like dust drifting in sunlight
Time is yawning open to hold this moment still.
Endless, endless you tiny specks of silence,
uniting with your tribe to unveil a portal to Narnia
where flushed strangers smile at one another
complicit in admiration for the catkins
who are buttoned up so finely in their new white pelt


Nell Dalton



Breathe I the water under the waves or the clear air above them?

The chop throws me into confusion, either would be a rest.

The swell gives repeated fresh views of life, turning me to face them.


Nell Dalton



To all rivers deep or shallow

A life is a river, the sum of all its sources and land it courses over

Let the river flow and be fed with fresh tributaries, all past experiences are drawn with it, tinting, incorporated.

Part of present and future, not denied but swirled, dissipated. We are the energy of the river forging our course.

To dwell overlong on past waters creates stagnant pools and trapping eddies.


Nicola Hopkins



Saline rivulets

Running across parched surface

Soon erased by time



It’s a collective wave we are facing together.

None of us are able to ignore it’s calling.

21st century raft of nature,

Brought by melting gaps & tidal pulling.

Water is our life-blood companion.

Water in balance, could also be our possible enemy?

Taking habitants at will, when it needs more space on this earth to flow & swill.