An older, pre Creative Arts degree, project started in 2016.  Hand written song titles and lyrics each along a theme finished with a digitally designed record label. 

The project started with 'A Day in the Life'.  Chosen because my grandfather played clarinet in the orchestra directed by Paul McCartney to play the cacophony of noise featured in the song.  The song titles start with in the morning (e.g. Some Velvet Morning, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go), continue through the day with references to breakfast, lunch and dinner, meeting friends and ending up back in bed. 

The others in the series are themed on music genre or a favourite song or band.  I had prints made of three 12" and three 7" sized records which were packaged in record sleeves.  


Prints are available to purchase in my shop.  I have also made a number of one off commissions in the past to reflect favourite songs, bands or even information about the recipients life.  If this sounds like something you would be interested in please get in touch for pricing and further information.  


NB - this series was made using my previous surname - Rachael Wickens