Four Elements

An installation using the theme of the classical four elements; air, earth, fire and water, believed by the Ancient Greeks to be the basis of all matter in the world. Inspired by research into the psychological, physiological and cognitive benefits of connecting to nature. It will be installed in the wild gardens of Raveningham Sculpture Trail in South Norfolk during summer 2024.

The work is predominantly made from waste materials, incorporating food packaging, worn-out clothing, dead leaves and scrap car parts.  Using materials that would otherwise be discarded acts as a reminder that there is a huge worldwide problem caused by human waste, relating to eco-psychological ideas around protection of nature through connection with nature.

The installation consists of four hanging spheres and corresponding collections of sculptural poetry, each representing one of the elements.  The words used have been submitted in response to my callout, with text evoking ideas around environmental concerns, nature and magic. 

Sculptural Texts

Collaborative sculptural works with contributed texts.  The links below take you to a separate page for each element, with further images, the full texts used and details of my collaborators. 


The spheres have been created as representative of the cycle of life, of continuous birth, living, dying and re-birth found across the natural universe.  Repeated self-similar forms at varying scales have been used in the construction of each, in reference to the fractal patterns found in abundance in the natural world, and found to be beneficial for stress reduction.  

Air sphere 

Fused plastic packaging, threads, scrap car parts

123cm circumference

Earth sphere 

Dead leaves, donated threads, scrap car parts

118cm circumference

Fire sphere

Plastic waste, scrap car parts

112cm circumference


Water sphere 

Discarded clothing, food packaging, scrap car parts

123cm circumference